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Get serious training from Bryan Bounds, MFA Acting

Bryan Bounds (MFA in Acting) is a US Born/UK Based working actor, teacher, producer, director and award-winning cinematographer and screenwriter. He’s been a working actor since 1984, worked at NASA during the shuttle program and has taught acting at the University of Texas at Austin. He now runs an independent acting school, the Academy of Neuro Acting. If you’re an actor who wants to learn serious acting skills that give you what you need to succeed in the industry, and if you want to grow in your creativity, sensitivity, focus and connectivity, Bryan has much to offer you. That’s how he evolved Neuro Acting: working with actors, some of whom were neuro-divergent, he created an acting system that benefits all actors. His flagship course is called The Actor’s Way, and you can learn more about it here.

Your Audience needs your superpowers

Ignite your talents with a Powerful New Method Acting Course: ‘The Actor’s Way’ from Neuro Acting.

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