The Master Course

Time Icon Time to complete: Minimum of 10 days. This 10-lesson course is the first of its kind using the latest research in neuroscience. Complete this and you'll be better trained than most others in the industry.
Time IconTuition fee: £69 / $95.


Open to any actor, age 14+. This groundbreaking system is perfect for both new and experienced actors.

What type of actor are you?


What you’ll learn…

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Structured acting skills for both stage and screen

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Learn a process to find yourself in any character

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Embrace being vulnerable with a scene partner

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Learn how to prepare and love an audition scene

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Make relaxation, awareness & focus work for you

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Learn to be more freely expressive

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Master in-depth technical exercises that are made easy

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Make your art truthful by tapping into your life experience

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Create repeatable emotions using neuroscience

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Silence your inner saboteur that’s holding you back

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Conquer stage fright and energize your body

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Learn to stay healthy as an artist in the digital age


This course consists of ten lessons grouped into four modules, as shown in the Course Content below. Each lesson includes videos, self-study coursework and an end of lesson assessment. It was created to meet the needs of actors today living in a digital age.

You are about to receive a ground-breaking acting system. Neuro Acting is both an acting course and a life course. After you complete this training you will know how to audition more effectively for either drama schools or professional jobs, you’ll have greater skills at developing a character, and you’ll be shown a life-long program of how to stay happy and effective as an artist. 80 hours of expert practical training will teach you the skills that are used (and expected) by the professionals in the entertainment industry – whether it’s stage, screen, musical theatre, even opera. Neuro Acting students go on to get starring roles in West End productions, films, they get the top agents and their desired places in performing arts schools.

WHY? Because a Neuro Acting trained actor has their own ‘voice’. And that is immediately noticed by casting directors. Neuro Acting will teach you how to find your special voice and continue to grow and excel as an artist.


Ten progressive lessons delivered in four modules, which follow the same four stages that an actor uses to step up to perform a role. Each lesson addresses a specific problem that actors confront, and then works toward a solution.


Lesson 1: Meet the Soul

PROBLEM: I want to play characters but I can’t identify with them.

SOLUTION: widen your conception of what you are and free yourself from self-imposed limitations when approaching a role. Get to know the multi-faceted personality that you possess so that you can later express it in your art. Learn what a character really is. Begin your first technical skill exercise.

Lesson 2: Calm the Soul

PROBLEM: I get stressed before I go onstage and I know it’s affecting my work.

SOLUTIONS: relieve emotional blockages that are created by tension and learn tools that will improve your acting and your life. Dispel the wrong idea that tension is useful in acting. Use a simple meditation exercise to clear, relax and awaken to the connectedness of all humans, thus losing fear of the audience. Use a more efficient breathing pattern before auditioning that tones the Vagus nerve. Increase your ability to feel emotions through a brain plasticity technique. Use a mindfulness tool to check your stress levels and relate this to moment-by-moment acting. Prepare your second technical exercise.


Lesson 3: Meet the Ego & the Emotions

PROBLEM: I need help knowing what I’m feeling and why I’m feeling it.

SOLUTION: Discover the actor’s inward treasure and the source of emotions. Learn a helpful structure of the human ego and how you can make it work in your acting. Learn how we sabotage our own work. Increase your emotional vocabulary. Learn a crucial and comforting reason that your truth is worth expressing. Avoid common traps in playing characters. Third technical exercise.

Lesson 4: Open the Heart, Focus the Mind

PROBLEM: My emotions are blocked in and I find it hard to concentrate.

SOLUTIONS: In a safe, supported way, we’ll increase your vulnerability with a future scene partner by using a progressive course of sensory techniques from both classical acting and neuroscience. Self-study exercises to develop greater powers of focus – crucial for acting for stage or screen.


Lesson 5: Awaken the Body

PROBLEM: My acting feels small and my gestures feel forced and clumsy.

SOLUTION: Learn the two enemies of the actor: ‘screen time’ that puts us in a prison and devastates our abilities to act and express emotions, and our own Limbic System which kicks in when we audition. We’ll do exercises to make you feel more at home in your body, and learn the technique of Neuro Gestures, a technique of getting the text into your body so that you can express it and the audience can enjoy your work more.

Lesson 6: Connect with Another

PROBLEM: My sensitive nature makes it hard for me to connect with people.

SOLUTION: Learn what is at work in your soul that is blocking you. We’ll grow beyond this blockage using visualization exercises and tools from neuroscience that you can put to work in your life, as well as a powerful mantra you can say to yourself which will instantly connect you with another actor. These useful, freeing tactics pave the way to the introduction of technical acting skills in the next lesson.


Lesson 7: Play an Action

PROBLEM: I want more variety in my acting. I get bored during a performance run.

SOLUTION: Now that we know who we are, and that it’s okay to be vulnerable, and we now have the tools to connect with another person – now we learn to act. This is a highly creative, interactive lesson between you and Bryan where you will learn the technical skills from Stanislavsky, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner and others. The emphasis is on ‘living truthfully’ instead of manufacturing emotions – for now.

Lesson 8: Connect with your Emotions

PROBLEM: I can tell I’m not revealing what I’m feeling.

SOLUTION: We learn the law that prevents actors from working: “No matter what I felt, if the audience didn’t see it, I didn’t do it.” We learn two powerful approaches to inducing emotions that are clear, repeatable and crucially: easy to step out of. You’ll also learn self-study facial exercises which do not replace the acting skills, but are the icing on the cake for your acting.

Lesson 9: Prepare and Share a Role

PROBLEM: I’m given a script and I need a way to approach a character.

SOLUTION: This lesson is a goldmine of information so that you can rise above other actors – whether for a monologue performance, an audition scene or an entire performance. From meeting the script through to performance, you will learn how to create and perform an acting ‘score’ using a wealth of worksheets, audio downloads and the Neuro Acting copyrighted Table of Actions.

Lesson 10: Love the Soul of the Artist

PROBLEM: I am dissatisfied in my soul and I want self-acceptance.

SOLUTION: We are our harshest critic and the happiest way for us to live is to continue to grow as an artist, continue to delve into ourselves, keep finding healthier ways of connecting and working with others and keep building a healthy life of awareness, responsibility, purpose and service. This final lesson contains several ways of creating this limitless program of living.

Neuro Acting is for actors who:

are looking for a complete, structured training course

want to expand their emotional intelligence

want easier, reliable access to their emotions in their work

want to find their untapped voice in their work

want to enjoy auditioning again

want to silence their inner critic

want to grow both as a person and an artist

Neuro Acting is NOT for actors who:

want an instant bag of tricks

are driven to be a celebrity

want to hide behind a character

shun the idea of facing their own strengths and weaknesses


Get started on your training by discovering and discarding what's holding you back.

Begin your training by learning to unlearn bad habits - we call them the Seven Skill Killers.

35 minutes.

Price: $37.98

This course includes:

80 hours of structured acting lessons

10 hours of practical & insightful video tuition

61 page editable and downloadable actor’s manual

8 helpful on-the-go audio downloads

Ground-breaking exercises in relaxation and sensory skills, taken from neuroscience,