Frequently Asked Questions


Of course! You’ve taken the hardest step by searching out the right course for you. Neuro Acting is a total system of acting that is practical and helpful to all actors at whatever level, including you! All we ask of you is honesty and commitment to the craft. Join us.
There isn’t a time limit and you will have access to course materials for a lifetime. This means you can refer back to your work over and over again - really useful just before an audition by the way!
Each lesson is delivered on Saturday morning. You will have a week to watch the classroom videos and work through any materials. You will be assigned homework and to get the most out of the lesson it’s a good idea to set aside four hours a week. If you are taking the VIP Hybrid Master course then you will need to set aside three sessions over the ten week period for two hour live Actors Studio Zooms.
Most courses will tell you how to act, but very few will show you how. Neuro Acting is a trademarked cutting-edge acting system that isn’t offered anywhere else. It is the result of years of research and practical application. It isn’t a course, it’s an acting system in total. It is packed with exercises, worksheets and audio downloads that you will revisit for the rest of your career.
I’m afraid we don’t currently offer any payment plan.
Absolutely! Neuro Acting techniques are suitable for a global audience. The professional skills you’ll learn are useful for all actors. From Boston to Bangkok, Mumbai to Melbourne, join us and live truthfully under imaginary circumstances! The training modules are delivered in English.
The aim of the Neuro Acting system is to give you skills and techniques to improve your ability to act. If you want to be the best theatre actor you can be or move into screen acting we promise that at end of your training with us, you will approach the whole profession confidently and more successfully.
Actors should ALWAYS be honing their craft. The beauty of the Neuro Acting system is that it is groundbreaking, Yes it will have familiar exercises such as Hagen, Adler and Meisner, but there are also cutting edge neuroscience concepts throughout the training to help actors with the challenges of living in today’s digital world. We also know that actors crave direction and feedback. On the VIP Hybrid Master course you will get this and more in our interactive sessions.
Definitely. If you choose the standard training, you can set your pace. With the hybrid course, completing the training at the same time as your peers is ideal, but we also know that people have busy lives. That’s why you’ll always lifetime access to the course material.
Acting is extremely competitive - it can be downright demoralizing. Most actors you will come across will not have had a fraction of the training and guidance that you’ll receive on a Neuro Acting Master course. Your training will amount to the cost of a showreel plus some headshots - throw in a few cafe lattes. It will be the best investment in your career you’ll have made to date.
If you have purchased the VIP Hybrid Master course you will have three Actors studio sessions each lasting two hours over the course of the ten week training. All dates can be found on the Hybrid Master course page
We have three intakes annually of 12 students only: October, January and April and July. The Hybrid Master training lasts for 11 weeks with six hours of live Virtual Actors studio zoom lessons.
We are so convinced that you will benefit from the Neuro Acting system that we offer a 14-day full money back guarantee.
Yes you can. You’ll have lifetime access which means you can stop and start as often as you like.
We have a maximum of 12 on our VIP Hybrid Master course and your spot will have been confirmed. If for any reason you cannot attend the date we will be happy to delay it to another date but only if there is space for you. We will of course try our best to accommodate your request.
At the present time, no, but we offer an ongoing generous discount program which we think is a fairer way to help actors.
A digital device, access to the internet and a printer for the course book. That’s it! So strap yourself in and watch your career take off.