Information = Power. Knowledge = Success. So tap into our knowledge and industry experience with these helpful toolkits.

NEURO ACTING™ Collected Tables of Actions

Price: US$20 (£15)

An actor’s and director’s dream come true: a single resource that lays out a systemized way to do the simple things we do when we act. You will not find such a concise, simple and practical reference anywhere and it includes our copyrighted Table of Actions and Emotions/Actions Conversion Table.

The Encyclopedia of Self-taping

Price: US$20 (£15)

The only guide to self-taping you’ll ever need – and a short course on how to adapt your performance from stage to screen. From your first readthrough of the script all the way to preparing it and shooting it, learn the inside secrets from the pros about how to produce a successful self-tape.


Price: US$20 (£15)

Gathered from a wealth of sources, this collection of monologues is carefully chosen to be active dialogues that grab an audience, rather than passive storytelling. You are guaranteed to find several brilliant monologues here that you will find nowhere else.

Available April 1, 2021